4th August 2016

"The business was scaling quickly enabling us to take the brand to the next level with the highest quality and mass production"

Production was outsourced to the Far East.

6th September 2016

"We risked what was a lot of money for this shoot, but still to this day it’s one of the best investments we made. Our photography became a staple part of the brand image."

The first full scale shoot took place with Renee Somerfield in Australia.

10th November 2016

"I remember trying all the new leggings on and knowing we had the ability to take our Comfort Made Sexy into new loungewear pieces - it just made sense."

The second arm of the brand was launched - Lounge Apparel.

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25th November 2016

"It was busy to say the least! I don’t actually know how we did it."

Lounge’s first Black Friday experience was taken on in the living room, with the couple working through the night to ensure their customers weren’t let down.

1st December 2016

"We officially moved out of the lounge and into our first warehouse space."

The couple took another leap, stepping out of Lounge’s first home and into what felt like a huge unit that would house the predicted growth for the brand.