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The Essential | a fundamental part of what makes us feel sexy and complete as a woman

Jul 26, 2019

Today marks the day of another new comfort that you simply shouldn’t have to live another minute without.

We’re so incredibly excited to finally offer you this dream of a set!
It’s something we’ve been working on for a little while now, spending time trialling and testing new fabrications, shapes and styles, to offer you a set that literally feels like you aren’t wearing one.
We strive for comfort in everything we do… but we can say with 100% confidence that, this set takes comfy cosy underwear to a whole new level.
The Essential see’s comfort reborn.
If only we could hold the set out in front of you right now, to let you feel it’s insanely soft fabric, and allow you to see all the intricate details that make this set a true beauty… but while we’re not experts in AI (*sigh*), we are experts in designing breathtaking underwear, so don’t worry - you’re in the right place for all the details.
Lounge Underwear Essential Bralet Set

What makes the Essential, essential!?

Well, just about everything.

The fabric, the shape, the colours and not forgetting it’s extremely desirable price tag.

Ahead of every new launch, we work together as a team to analyse all of the above and more - and when doing so with this set, labelling it the Essential came incredibly naturally to us.

Here’s why…

The fabric.

Whilst we don’t have a physical store, you’re just going to have to take our trusted word when we say… we promise that the minute you get this piece out of its packaging, you will be overwhelmed with adoration for this beautiful new fabric. It’s super lightweight, beautifully stretchy and so insanely soft - it’s honestly out of this world. It’s almost marshmallow-y (if that is even a thing!?), like melting butter and bouncing clouds - it’s definitely one that you’ll never want to take off.

The shape.

We went back to basics with the shape of the Essential, designing a piece that offered the same wire-free fit and feel of our staple Triangle set, but supporting you with a more traditional bralet contour.

The Bralet can be paired with either a thong or a brief, so that you can choose your personal preference and how you prefer to find your Comfort Made Sexy.

In terms of the size range, the Essential runs in sizes XS through to XL - with our new S+ showcasing in this collection too - the perfect size if you have a small frame but a slightly bigger bust!

The colours.

Red, Stone, Khaki, Black, Pink & Navy.

* Suddenly realising you have no idea which colour to set your heart on!? *

They’re honestly all so beautiful and striking.

Every shade within this collection features a super soft white binding that frames the set in style, plus a cute and dainty feature of our Lounge branded tab that is placed on the front of both the bra and bottoms… giving you that gentle reminder that lounging and taking a moment for a bit of me-time is vital, every day.

It’s price tag.

The Essential comes with a price tag of just £28 for the full set.

Now, while this beautiful set has all the intricate details that you can expect from every Lounge design… like, subtle embossed branded strapping, Lounge engraved metal components, stunning fabrications, colours and packaging - it’s really got it all - what we actually want this set to do is, sit at an attainable price point for all of our girls, to ensure that we were offering our Female Family something that pulls on a few less purse strings, whilst still encompassing all our unique Lounge touches.

We know in our heart of hearts that this is the set that every girl deserves and needs in her life - so we made a conscious decision to ensure the price tag reflected the motto.

An Essential Set for all of our Female Family.

Essential Bralet Set

So, now’s the time to pick a favourite shade and never look back.

We mean it when we say that this set is Essential - and we cannot wait to hear your thoughts on these brand new comforts.

Make sure you drop us a message with your feedback! We love connecting with you and always listen to what you have to say. It’s shapes who we are and what steps we take next.

Click right here to shop the collection now.

Enjoy lounging!


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