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Our legends open up one more time...

Oct 31, 2019

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month we have worked closely alongside 10 incredible young women and our astounding Female Family...

We are so proud of what we have achieved and the conversation we have started. We have been on a mission to raise awareness, share stories and get all of our followers thinking seriously about how important it is to #FeelYourBreast.

What a month it's been...

We asked the girls...

"What have you loved most about being a part of this campaign?"

And here's what they had to say...

The girls are all absolutely overwhelmed by your support, and are here to say a special thanks themselves, giving you an update on their recent emotions following the release of their stories and your response to a campaign that means so much to them…

"For me, my favourite thing was how we have taken a step towards normalising cancer, making it okay to talk about and showing how it does happen to young women like us", Olivia.

”Loved the way we have opened up the conversation and reached so many people who wouldn't have necessarily been checking themselves before seeing our stories", Nicky.

"The fact that the focus has consistently been actual awareness that was accessible to all people. It always went back to that core message which many other campaigns forget about! Plus seeing such a diverse group of young women talking so freely about it... it blew me away!", Em.

"I wanted to be a part of the project as Lounge were putting friendly, diverse (it's very important to me that POC, especially young black women like myself are represented within the bc community AND within the blogging community) faces at the forefront and encouraging people to take charge of their own wellbeing, not just to donate money. It shows that Lounge actually cares about the health of their customers and their Female Family. The campaign really brought together different demographics, created a safe and comfortable space for all to discuss Breast Cancer. The messages and the comments I've received after the campaign has really topped it off. Knowing that we've made a difference in encouraging people to check their boobs is an incredible feeling", Shannon.

"I've loved how this campaign has educated so many people and allowed cancer thrivers and survivors to share their journey. Giving different perspectives and spreading love across the Female Family", Angel.

"I loved being part of this campaign as I feel it is helping to normalise the cancer dialogue and stop mythologising behind cancer. It's true that cancer is scary, but Lounge is helping to highlight that with the right attitude, your strength will emerge and you will realise there isn't anything you cannot get through.", Dizzy.

”I loved being part of the Lounge campaign, their cancer awareness messaging aligned with my own truths - that cancer doesn't exclude anyone. This translated in a campaign that represented women from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, cancers and walk of life with important valid stories to share! This is the key reason why it's been so well received and I'm very proud to be a part of it", Leanne.

"I loved being part of this campaign more than I can put into words. So many different stories shared by women having different experiences from all walks of life. That's what cancer is, it's different people, different experiences but if we can normalise the discussion and start encouraging people to become more aware of their bodies and to know their normal then we are heading in the right direction.", Georgie.

"I could not have been more proud and honoured to be a part of this campaign. I said yes to being a part of it to help raise awareness, educate and hopefully create change in other people's lives (and i hope it has), however I can truthfully say that spending a day with the incredible girls that I worked with on the campaign has ended up teaching ME so much, and has created more positive change in myself than I ever thought was possible, so thank you for the bottom of my heart!", Alice.

Stay tuned and keep a close eye on @loungeunderwear tomorrow (1st November 2019), as we'll be announcing the total amount raised by our Female Family for our amazing charities - Treckstok and CoppaFeel.


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