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One Million Followers | A Message From The Lounge Influencer Team

Nov 07, 2019

We decided it was time to take you behind the scenes at Lounge. 

Because, from the minute we started, to the moment we hit One Million Instagram Followers, our Influencer Team and the incredible women they work with have been an integral part of the Lounge journey. 

So, we sat down with the girls who have helped make this monumental milestone a possibility. 

A huge thank you to Maddie, Amy, Caris, Megan, Niamh, Melissa, Maisie and Wahiba for all your hard work, dedication, and unwavering passion. 

We asked them…

What Does Hitting One Million Followers On Instagram Mean To You?

Amy: “I’d say proud. Because when Maddie and I started, we were on 176k, and to see it grow from that…”

Maddie: “I feel like we’ve just blinked and we’re going up by thousands. We’ve been here two and a half years and we’ve finally done it!” 

Caris: “Yeah, and it’s a nice time for us newer girls to have started - hitting that million mark is so exciting. It does make you feel proud.”

Niamh: “Caris and I have been here two and a half, three months, so seeing how much it has grown in that space of time… obviously it’s amazing if you have been here from the start, but for us, it’s crazy to see.”

Melissa: “It makes me excited for the future - it’s so nice to be involved in a growing brand.”

Megan: “It also shows what a great story Lounge has - all the values that it stands for - and clearly that’s hitting home with our followers; they want to interact with us and learn more.”

Maisie: “It’s really nice to see how quickly we’ve grown - as Melissa said: it makes me really excited for the future. We’ve hit this now… so what can we do in a year!?”

Why do you think our influencers have played such an integral part in the Lounge journey?

Maddie: “They are genuinely the foundations of the brand. When Amy and I first started we only had three collections; Triangle, Scoop and Lace, and now, the amount of collections we have available - it’s great to have the opportunity to cater to all shapes and sizes.”

: “And now we have presence globally, it’s not just the U.K. it’s all over the world. And with the Breast Cancer Campaign, the thongs sold out in two hours - our influencers really helped make that happen.”

Wahiba: “They’re also a massive part of the Female Family. They create gorgeous content that the Social Media team are able to utilise on our accounts. They support and spread the message of empowering women to be confident and sexy in their own skin!”

Niamh: “I think they also genuinely love our brand as well - which is really nice - because they want to work with us, rather than us forcing it.”

And finally… in one word, how would you describe the Lounge Family? 
“Welcoming. Inclusive. Empowering. Diverse. Fun. Fabulous. Strong. Determined. Supportive. Crazy. Inspirational.

It’s just a big family."


So, from our Influencer Team and our Influencers, we thank you for your continued love and support. We couldn’t do it without you.

One Million Followers

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