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Lounging with Jess Hunt

Nov 11, 2018


We knew almost instantly that Jess embodies absolutely everything Lounge stands for, so it was an obvious choice for Jess to come and lounge with us for the day.

We were so excited to finally spend the day shooting with our fave Jess Hunt. We have been so fortunate to work with Jess pretty much from the beginning and it was now the perfect time to celebrate all our Lounge Collections, styles and designs together.

Jess’ ever-growing Instagram is taking the UK by storm with a gorgeous array of selfies and stylish combo’s. From pretty Pink Leggings to silky Balconette pieces, Jess modelled each Lounge Underwear & Apparel design to perfection!

Find out more about Jess’ everyday life, her hair tips and her beauty regime here plus the story of how she began her Instagram journey. But before you go, let us tell you everything you need to know about this beauty.

Lounging with Jess Hunt


Jess entered the influencer world a little over 2 years ago, blogging about her love of fashion and styling different pieces to begin building her Instagram following. We now see Jess as the face and figure of many beauty/clothing brands as she explores the world of modelling. This was something as a young girl, Jess never even imagined happening, revealing:

"To be honest with you, I never thought I would get to model, so it is crazy now that I do. It was something I would have loved to have done when I was younger - but I never thought it would have happened for me. I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to do it."

Sofia Jamora and Belle Lucia are amongst some of Jess’ favourite international influencers (obviously!) But, Jess also supports a lot of our UK street style creators, regularly shooting alongside some of our other recognised Lounge Female Family.


Sharing the day with Jess & getting to know the girl behind the profile was an honour of ours. She's truly an absolute pleasure to be around and by the end of the day it felt like we had known each other forever. She's the sort of girl that could be every girl's best friend. With Jess there's no judgement, she's so down to earth and totally easy to be around. That's what we love about Jess.

We did shoot lots of pretty underwear, but mostly we had a girl's day date. And yes! We had a lot of pizza & popcorn!

Lounging with Jess Hunt

Of course we needed to know the ultimate beauty, skin and hair secrets & had to ask the question every girl needs to know when admiring Jess’ IG - just how does her hair always look so perfect?! She admitted:

"I just try not to put too many heated products on it, I try and take good care of it & not style it too often. I try and keep it in a healthy condition."

So, even one of the hottest bloggers spills all and admits to keeping her hair as natural as possible. Simple.

It's so important here at Lounge to reflect messages of support and confidence to all of our girls. Whether we can help you with improving your self love, provide you with fashion and styling goals, or just a little pick me up when you need it… we hope that small insights like this, looking a little closer at an influencer like Jess’ life will all help to boost your confidence and give you the realisation that we’re all the same, we all have the same little niggles.

We spoke a lot with Jess about confidence, and how Jess maintains a positive attitude. She told us:

"Just always do you and be yourself. It is so easy to look at somebody else and compare yourself, criticise yourself… but honestly, everybody is beautiful in their own way. That’s the biggest thing I have learnt over the past few years. Just do you & be happy."

We couldn't agree more.


Size insider! Jess wears a 34C in our underwired Bras and a Medium in our none wired bras. For all of our Bottoms, Jess wears a Medium.

Jess’ number one favourite design is our super soft Mesh Set, available in 4 neutral shades - Black, White, Stone & Sand. She loved the fit.

The pastel shades of our Balconette and Balcony Collection were a perfect fit for Jess’ ultimate girly and playful side but we also wanted to turn up the heat with our Daniela Intimates body and girls, let us tell you - Jess looked absolutely incredible! But let's be honest... when doesn't she!?

Lounging with Jess Hunt | Mint Balcony Underwear Set

There is SO much more to know from the day, talking all things body confidence, to favourite comfort foods. See more of Jess’ interview and find out more here.

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